Tuesday, 29 January 2008

The next World War?

What will be the reason for the next big war? Is it a trigger-happy US president, a fundamental muslim ayatollah, an imperialistic Russian leader, a communistic Asian leader or terrorist attacks?

Another possibility is climate change. When the climate changes for the warmer, some areas will turn uninhabitable and water will become scarce in some areas and too abundant in other. This will have an enormous effect on the politics during the rest of this century.

Furthermore, the climate change will generally have the worst effects on developing countries, because of their geographic locations and smaller economic resources. This is a huge moral issue, since these countries have only contributed marginally to the emission of green house gases. Will the Western World take their responsibility in helping the developing countries?

Also this change in climate will create streams of refugees, some quoting numbers as several hundreds of millions. How will this be solved? Will they be let in to their neighbour countries? This is likely to start major civil unrest and probably opportunities for strong leaders to spread questionable ideologies.

This future also sees the booming economies and emerging power factors China and India meeting a shortage of water, and also competing with each other for the existing water. Is this the source of the next war? Water and inhabitable soil?

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