Saturday, 8 March 2008

A brand new heart

A major biomedical break through has been done lately, scientist at University of Minnesota has succesfully created a mouse heart in a lab. It has been done from the extra cellular matrix of an old heart, meaning that the cells of the heart has been removed leaving only the parts holding the cells together. Thereafter new heart cells have been translated into this template, which has succesfully grown to create a new heart.

This creates new opportunities for heart transplants, although it is still a long way until it will be available to humans. By doing a transplant in this manner the patients on cells can be used, meaning that problems with rejection and immune system will be decreased. The immune system will attack a foreign object within the body, such as a transplanted heart, but with this method the new heart will not be foreign and thus avoid immune system attacks. The dream is to be able to use the extra cellular matrix an animal cadavre and the patients own cells to create a new functioning heart for persons with severe cardiac diseases.

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