Thursday, 9 September 2010


Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, is a wanted man. USA wants for possible crimes when 90 000 secret NATO documents regarding warfare in Afghanistan were published on Wikileaks.
Shortly after this Assange travelled to Sweden, and USA pressured the Swedish government to extradie Assange. This was however refused. Shortly thereafter 2 cases of raped against Assange came up, which to me seems kind of suspicious. Within 24 hours of the charges they were changed from rape to molestation, and thereafter changed back again. I am not saying the charges msut be wrong, but to me it seems like too much of a coincidence. Furthermore, former Swedish military officers have written articles explaining that such "sex traps" for (political) opposition is a commonly known method for secret service or intelligence type of organisations.

I assume we have not heard the last from Julian Assange, and I do believe that the focus that now is on him could be his best shield and perhaps also a burden.

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