Friday, 15 October 2010

Conflicts of interest

Central Asia is an area of high political interest and internal conflicts. These states five used to be parts of the Soviet union and as such they carry bagage from their totalitarian past. Although they are officially republics, democracy is questionable and corruption is wide spread in many areas. Two important factors for the regions are the complex political situation following the fall of the Soviet Union and the borders issues created by Soviet administration. During the Soviet era administrative borders were created, which were later made into national borders after the independence. In many cases these borders do not match the ethnical groups in the area, thus they have created conflict between different groups.

These nations are due to their geographical position of interest two three great powerhouses: China, Russia and the USA. Both Russia and the USA have military bases in the Central Asian republics, and China is involved in border conflicts with Kyrgyzstan. NATO has a cooperation with Kazakhstan, but the fast growing economy has now strengthened its political ties to Russia. Adding to the instability is the proximity to Afghanistan, a failed state in a war-like state and talks of fundamental islamist trying to increase their power. Central Asia is a powder keg, moving towards a tricky future. 

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