Monday, 25 October 2010

A wonderful, magical animal?

Christien Meindertsma, a dutch artist, has during three years tracked all product derived from a single pig, in an exhibition called PIG 05049. The result was following parts of the pig from it original source to 185 products, except for the more obvious one like pork meat, it includes ammunition, medicine, photo paper, heart valves, brakes, chewing gum, porcelain, cosmetics, cigarettes, conditioner and even bio diesel. The many applications of different parts of a pig body is not very surprising, but still an interesting piece of work that highlights the many connections in our production system.

Lisa: “I’m going to become a vegetarian”
Homer: “Does that mean you’re not going to eat any pork?”
Lisa: “Yes”
Homer: “Bacon?”
Lisa: “Yes Dad”
Homer: "Ham?”
Lisa: “Dad all those meats come from the same animal”
Homer: “Right Lisa, some wonderful, magical animal!”"

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