Thursday, 28 October 2010

Just another tea party

The Tea party is a new political movement in the USA; the name is, of course, a reference to the Boston Tea Party, where colonists protested the British taxation of the American (British) colonies by disquising themselves as Indians (native Americans) and throwing tea into the water in the Boston harbour. The parole then was: "No taxation without representation". This was to protest the lack of governmental influence given to the colonies, despite the taxation.

The Tea party is today a conservative movement looking to decrease taxes, promote capitalism and decrease the size of the public sector and government to increase individual freedom. Also added to this are traditional conservative Christian values as banning abortion and gay marriage. Thus is can be perceived as a break-out group from the Republican party.

With the upcoming midterm election , they can be expected to have some influence. If nothing else they could be seen as a sign of splitting in the Republican ranks, which could help the Democrats. On the other hand president Obama's approval rating have decrease significantly and a sitting president often has worse results in the midterm election compared to the last election. So far president Obama has not been the great success that was expected, Obamacare cannot be seen as a success so far and the economic situation is not looking good for the USA.Projections are that the Republican will gain influence in the midterm election.

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