Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Midterm Elections

Today Americans are voting in the midterm elections. The Republican party is expected to increase their influence, and the Tea Party movement is expected to gain influence as well. Elections for the congress is every two years; the Congress is the legislative body of the US government.The Congress is made up of two chambers: the Senate, to which members are elected for six-year terms; and the House of Representatives, whose members are elected for two-year terms. Meaning that all the 435 House seats will be filled by the will of the people now in November. Also around one one-third of the Senate is also elected, this year 37 senators will be elected or re-elected.

It is expected that the Republicans will get a majority of the chairs in the House of Representatives, the Senate seem to harder to predict and more uncertain. What is quite clear however is that this election will force president Obama to negotiate more with the Republicans and compromises will have to be made. The most pressing issue is obviously the strained economy, an area where compromises will be hard since the parties are quite far apart.

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