Monday, 25 February 2008

Brain control?

According to a American scientist, Ray Kurzweil, who has recently been invited to the American Engineering Academy to discuss the technology of the future, we will have nano-robots in our brains soon. According to Kurzweil this will happen in around 20 years.

These small nano-robots will be transported through our capillaries and interact with our own neurons. The purpose would be to make us smarter and improve our memory, but also to repair damages. This sounds like a far off future scenario, but mostly just scary.

The first objection must be, who will control these robots? If they are powerful enough to influence our mind, then this should be the ultimate tool of (government) control. Whether or not these bots would be programmable is unknown, but one would argue that they are only a few molecules and would not hold any software, but rather act on chemical principles. WHich would also make the one doing or controlling the design powerful.

If this scenario comes, I expect major scepticism and resistance to arise. It is probable that it is a long way from happening. But as always with the future it is largely unclear.

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