Saturday, 16 February 2008

The US Inquisition

Torture as a means of getting a confession was widely used during medieval times, for example the spanish inquisition or the witch trials going on until around 1700. After a time of torture the victims are often happy to confess to anything just to end it, often by being executed. This is a barbaric practise and taking torture to an even worse level.

How come then the country perceiving itself as the world's foremost democracy are using this horrible methods. Apparently fighting terror is viewed as more important than human right, democracy or fair trials. The problem is just that a confession under torture is more or less worthless. Thus, this creates no value for the war on terror. Adding to the atrociousness of these actions carried out by the US army is the fact that these "confessions" will be used trying condemn these men to death.

It is time for the rest of the world, first and foremost the European Union and United Nations to stand up for democracy and codemn the US treatment of prisoners and lack of respect for fair trials.

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