Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Fear of the outside world

In a kind of pathetic attempt to discredit Obama, the Clinton's campaign organization dug up and published a photo of Obama wearing a traditional muslim dress. The fact is just that this does not show that Obama is muslim, but rather that he has realtives in Kenya and has been there visiting.

However, if there is one country where this action could be successful it would be the USA. A country that since 9/11, and to some extent before that, has been displaying a large fear of muslim people and culture. Which in itself is a frigthening development in a country claiming to be one of the world's largest democracies and a leading power.

I doubt that this picture will have any large effect on the elections. I believe that the only winner when democrats are fighting amongst each other are the other side, the republicans. Thus, it is kind of contraproductive in some ways. A united democratic front would be better in the end.

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