Monday, 18 February 2008


Cosovo's independence has turned in to a tug-o-war between Russia, supporting the Serbs and USA supporting an independent Cosovo. After the declaration of independence by the Cosovo parliament a new state has been created. The issue is however the fact that the new state is nowhere near being economically independent. Cosovo will be supported by outside funding, mostly from the European Union. This is indeed an odd way to create a new country. It is contradictory to the whole concept of independence and rather creating a new state with the European Union and USA as its puppeteers. Is this really a sustainable solution.

Furthermore, this will most likely add to the conflict in the Balkans and result in an even larger Serbian nationalist movement. This is not only creating enlarging the conflict between Serbia and Cosovo, but also between USA/Nato and Serbia. This solution seems a bit hasty.

Also this may create sort of a international prejudicate, with more regions declaring its independence. Results of this might be seen in the various parts of Russia, Cyprus (Turk and Greek) and Spain (Catalonia and Basque country).

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