Friday, 22 February 2008

Flying on rails

The general opinion is today agreeing on the fact that flying is the most environmental harmful way of travelling. For intercontinental travels flying may still be necessary in the future. For these travels a need for new energy systems and better fuel is of utmost importance.

However, for shorter travels, for example within Western Europe, train could be just as quick. What is needed is development of the train system. Higher capacity is needed and more high speed trains. If this is established the trains should be able to be a serious competitor to flying. And much more environmentally friendly, provided that the energy is produced in a good way.

A problem for this is however the different standards in different countries. For example when it comes to width of the rails it differs between countries in Europe, forcing time consuming transfers. But trains definitely has a future in a more environmentally concerned society, but action is needed for the trains to fulfill its potential.

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